Service Agreement

Use of Pawsitive Adventures services implies the following terms, which are subject to change from time to time without notice, are fully understood and agreed to. It is the responsibility of individual service users to ensure they are familiar with the latest agreement in force.


Services will be provided in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner observing all relevant legislation. Pawsitive Adventures employees hold an up-to-date Disclosure Scotland certificate and vow to maintain a good level of knowledge in relation to pet handling, care, behaviour and first aid.

Pawsitive Adventures is fully insured for ‘Public Liability’, ‘Care, custody & control of animals’, ‘non-negligent cover’, ‘loss of key cover’ and ‘holiday emergency cancellation’. It is also recommended owners take out their own pet insurance policy.

Prior to commencement of services an initial consultation, which is free of charge, must be carried out. During this face-to-face meeting client requirements can be discussed in full, the registration process completed and a key collected if applicable.

Personal information is securely held, only used for the purpose intended (e.g. responding to an enquiry or providing services) and never shared without consent. Under no circumstances will data be sold on to a third party. It is important clients ensure their records are kept up-to-date.

Pawsitive Adventures uses Pet Sitter Plus, a professional online software application, to deal with client management, scheduling and billing. Service users are granted password protected access to their individual file. This allows them to view and amend their profile, check upcoming schedules, see past visit details, request services, cancel or change appointments and examine invoices, statements and payments made.

Keys can either be retained on file at no cost (colour coded and stored in a locked safe separate from personal details) or returned.  A fee for collection or delivery may apply. Pawsitive Adventures is not responsible for keys an owner wants mailed through their letterbox or left in a specified location. If entry is not possible for any reason service will be forfeited without a refund. Should an emergency locksmith or alarm company call-out be necessary the client is liable for all charges incurred.

Pawsitive Adventures assumes no liability for loss or damage if other individuals have access to a client’s home prior to, during or immediately following an assignment (for example, family, friends, neighbours, cleaners or tradesmen).

Pawsitive Adventures must be advised of any pre-existing or future medical conditions, behavioural problems, traits or vices.

Owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pet.

For welfare purposes Pawsitive Adventures does not support the practice of leaving dogs home alone overnight and will not provide services in these circumstances. Owners should consult a licensed boarding kennel, licensed home boarder or house sitter instead.

Pawsitive Adventures is not liable for any loss, injury, death or damage caused by pets with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

Every effort will be made to contact the owner or nominated 3rd party in the event of an emergency. However, Pawsitive Adventures reserves the right to consult a vet if necessary and make decisions that are in the best interests of the pet. If veterinary advice or treatment is required while a pet is in Pawsitive Adventures care the owner is entirely responsible for any veterinary fees or insurance excesses. Pawsitive Adventures will endeavour to take the pet to their regular vet.  However, if this is not possible they will be taken to an alternative practice for treatment.

Although Pawsitive Adventures strives to accommodate preferred time frames, a varying schedule, unpredictable traffic conditions, unexpected situations and the individual needs of each pet mean specific times cannot be guaranteed (unless otherwise agreed, for example in the case of administering time-sensitive medication).

For cancellations a minimum of 24 hours notice is required otherwise the full amount will be charged.

If a service cannot be provided (e.g. due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances) Pawsitive Adventures will make every effort to give as much notice as possible.

Pawsitive Adventures reserves the right to deny or terminate service for any reason (such as safety concerns, financial concerns or inappropriate/uncomfortable situations).

Abuse or threats will not be tolerated and will result in instant termination without a refund plus a report being made to the police.

Dog Walking

Aggressive or unruly dogs cannot be accepted on a group walk. Bitches in season or dogs that are clearly unwell can only be offered a toilet break.

Under The Control of Dogs Order 1992 any dog in a public place must wear a collar and a tag showing the owner’s name, address and post code, whether or not the dog is micro-chipped. For additional security each dog will be provided with a tag bearing Pawsitive Adventures contact details.

Dogs should be in good general health, on a preventative flea, tick and worming program (additional protection against lungworm is advised) and vaccinated or titre tested in accordance with current WSAVA guidelines. Pawsitive Adventures cannot be held responsible should a dog become ill as a result of not being up to date with any of the above.

No more than 6 dogs will be walked together by one handler. Dogs will only be walked off lead, when safe to do so, with prior written authority from their owner and where Pawsitive Adventures is satisfied they demonstrate good recall. A lead is carried at all times for each dog being walked.

It may be necessary to transport dogs to a suitable walk location safely restrained in a vehicle fit for purpose. Dogs are released in a controlled manner and are not permitted to cause a nuisance to members of the public or other dogs while being exercised.

A mobile phone and first aid kit are carried at all times in case of emergency.

Personal judgement will be applied and a walk cut short if deemed necessary (for example due to weather conditions, illness or injury).

If a dog is required to wear, for example, a harness, jacket or muzzle, this should be provided. Items must be well fitting and in a good state of repair. Aversive equipment such as choke, prong or shock collars will not be used. Dogs may be walked using Pawsitive Adventures owned leads or harnesses.

Owners should leave a towel out for drying their dog’s wet coat and wiping muddy paws (however please note some mess may be unavoidable).

In the unlikely event of a dog going missing the Dog Warden will be notified immediately and Pawsitive Adventures will provide the owner with further assistance as required.

Pawsitive Adventures promotes responsible pet care; putting in place relevant precautions to reduce the risk of harm.  For example, by following recommended guidance regarding puppy exercise to protect developing joints, taking steps to help prevent the incidence of GDV in predisposed breeds and never encouraging unsafe play, such as chasing sticks.

Pet Sitting

For welfare purposes Pawsitive Adventures does not offer an “every other day” pet sitting service.

If a schedule confirmation e-mail, call or text is not received by the client at least 48 hours prior to departure Pawsitive Adventures must be notified.

In the unlikely event of a pet going missing Pawsitive Adventures will continue with the agreed visits and will notify the microchip company, insurance company, vet, local shelters and the police on the owner’s behalf.

All necessary items required for a pet’s care (such as food, cat litter, bedding, medication etc) must be provided. If additional supplies are needed these will be purchased on the owner’s behalf and added to their bill.


Payment is required on receipt of invoice.

Available payment methods:-

  • CASH
  • CHEQUE: Payable to Pawsitive Adventures with client’s full name written on the back. If a cheque is returned unpaid by the bank client is liable for charges incurred.
  • BANK TRANFSER / STANDING ORDER: Relevant details are printed at the top of every invoice or provided on request. Payment should be made quoting client’s full name as reference.